Contemporary Days

Screening of the film Contemporary Days followed by a Q&A discussion with Paula Day, daughter of the designers Robin and Lucienne Day.

Tuesday 13 Jun 2023 | 19:00 - 21:00 BST

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Robin and Lucienne Day transformed British design after World War II with striking furniture and textiles that signaled a new era of modernist sensibilities for everyday living.

Robin's revolutionary furniture designs introduced materials such as plastic, steel and plywood to homes, offices and schools. Lucienne's abstract textile designs brought accessible elegance into the homes of postwar British consumers.

The Days' fresh design approaches, including their contributions to the Royal Festival Hall in 1951, helped fuel the artistic and commercial awakening that led Britain out of the devastation of World War II. Director Murray Grigor's film traces the Days' careers over more than eighty years from their long heyday as Britain's leading designing couple to their recent rediscovery by new generations of design aficionados.

By Design OnScreen, a US 501.c.3 private operating foundation dedicated to producing, promoting and preserving high-quality films on architecture and design. Founded in 2006 by Denver architecture and design enthusiasts Jill A. Wiltse and H. Kirk Brown III, Design OnScreen has completed nine films, with two more currently in production.