2016 | Penguin

Penguin logo designs


The Isokon building is an exemplar in high quality, affordable, compact, modern design; it was these same values that Allen Lane sought when he founded Penguin Books in 1935. Penguin’s natural affinity with the Isokon, lead to the creation of the Isokon Penguin Donkeys, designed by Egon Riss (1939) and Ernest Race (1965) as characterful, compact storage for Penguin’s signature paberbacks. Much like the Isokon, the history of Penguin books has been profoundly shaped by émigré designers, amongst them Jan Tschichold, Hans Schmoller, Germano Facetti and Romek Marber. This exhibition tells the Penguin story, through the lens of modernist architecture and design.


Penguin Donkey designed by Egon Riss


Download the exhibition panels (PDF)

Text: John Allan
Design: Matthew Young at Penguin