CHRISTMAS SPECIAL |  We are open Saturday 9th December 2023 11am–4pm

Seasonal exhibitions

  • 2019 | George Adams

    The remarkable story of George Adams (1904–83), a Bauhaus-trained graphic designer who resided nearby the Isokon after lifetime of adventures.
  • 2018 | László Moholy-Nagy

    Artist, designer and Isokon resident Moholy-Nagy was a true pioneer in the fields of painting, sculpture, film, photography, graphic, theatrical and exhibition design.
  • 2017 | Walter Gropius

    As the Director of the Bauhaus, Gropius was one of the most esteemed Isokon tenants and lived in the Lawn Road Flats from 1935 to 1937.
  • 2015 | Marcel Breuer

    Marcel Breuer (1902–81) was a Bauhaus master, path-breaking furniture designer and a pioneer of post-war modern architecture. Born in Hungary, he ...